About Us

The T-Shirt and Polo Tee Printing Experts for Singapore

Trust the experts with more than two decades of experience. SingaPrint is a name that comes with immense experience in T-shirt printing in Singapore, and have been delivering top-notch services since 1995. Our T-shirt printing company was started twenty years ago with the idea that Singaporeans should have a One-Stop Service for all their printing needs.

We provide quality T-shirt services. Based in Singapore, our company values customer satisfaction more than anything else. Promising to give competitive prices, good quality shirts and fast delivery time – we are your reliable printing partner!

T-shirt and polo tee printing for individuals and local business

We at SingaPrint are one of the most trustworthy T-shirt and polo tee printing service providers island wide, thanks to our complete range of quality services, and dedication to consistency and professionalism at all times. Being premiers in the industry, we are your ideal choice for delivering some of the best, highly personalised products and accessories in the business. Apart from this, we also make it a point to provide efficient customer service and ensure that all our clients are satisfied with our services.

Our meticulous attention to detail is apparent in the quality of our finished products, and we assist you at all design and planning stages – right from the beginning to the end. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that we are one of the most dependable printers in the industry.

We provide a variety of one-stop services for different clients and their specific needs. Regardless of what your needs are, we strive to deliver the best we can – be it embroidery or Hoodie printing in Singapore. Always up for a challenge, we have worked with diverse clients through the years and are dedicated to meeting all their expectations and even exceeding them by a margin! Our sheer variety of services is supplemented with one-stop designing, consulting and printing processes – which makes us one of the foremost industry players.

silkscreen printing in Singapore

Our advanced silkscreen printing process

SingaPrint’s silkscreen printing technique uses woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil, in order to receive a certain image. This stencil forms open mesh areas which transfer ink, which can subsequently be pressed through the mesh as a sharp-edged image onto a substrate. Hereafter, ink is pumped through the mesh openings via fill blade or squeegee, through the screen stencil. Simply put, this process is carried out by using a mesh-based stencil to apply ink onto T-shirts or other items.

For more information on any of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call our office on +65 9363 9661 or send an email to singaprinter@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.